Your Travel

“Safe better travel, with you in mind.”

Are you traveling for business,
a weekend with friends, or a holiday romance?


  • Douala
  • Yaounde

    Look no further than YourTravel.

    With our Douala – Yaounde intercity line, you will find your home or car comfort and cleanliness in both our bus terminal waiting rooms and inside our busses. Enjoy adjustable seats and air conditioning in the company of dedicated professionals who are service-oriented, courteous and friendly. Your safety, comfort and entertainment are our priority.
    We ensure you travel to your destination in style. Yes You ‘vé got it right!

    YourTravel is about luxury mobility experience, lifestyle and needs.


    The Luxury of a plane at the price of a Bus – whenever you need it. Surrounded with ceaseless comfort and your safety is guaranteed with the reliable construction that conforms to SETRA product quality plus the trustworthy power, efficiency and performance of Mercedes-Benz.

    Free WIFI

    We believe you can use your time effectively when traveling between Douala-Yaounde-Douala with YourTravel. With free internet connection on board, you can invest your time during the journey surfing the internet, chatting with friends, checking emails and staying connected on social media.

    Great legroom

    Our luxurious busses are equipped with comfortable adjustable seats to maximize privacy. Reclining seats and side adjustment aisle seats provide maximum relaxation, generous legroom and maximised privacy.

    “Relax like in the comfort of your car and be driven”

    YourTravel Ltd., combines technology, e-commerce and sustainable luxury transportation services. YourTravel is all about Luxury or nothing. Luxury is in the feeling of your mobility experience, lifestyle and needs.

    The soul of YourTravel is to continuously find ways of improving traveling experiences, using state-of-the-art technology and projecting into the future. YourTravel is a transportation company that seeks to provide the best means of transportation to travelers, respecting and preserving their dignity and self-worth.