Our Vehicles

“YourTravel’s pledge to customers is: “Better journeys, with you in mind”. This commitment means a great deal to us and guides us in the decisions we make and the actions we undertake. ”

“Because we believe in the luxury and convenience of our customers, our vehicles are exclusively from The Daimler Group, a 132-year-old German car manufacturing company.”

EvoBus GmbH is Daimler’s largest subsidiary and the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles with a global reach. EvoBus focuses on the manufacturing of premium vehicles having two great brands: the MERCEDES-BENZ brand, that promises ‘’The Best or Nothing’’, and the SETRA brand with its slogan ‘’The Sign of Excellence’’.

YourTravel has opted to start building her bus fleet with the SETRA brand – ‘’The Sign of Excellence’’.

With SETRA, you are surrounded with ceaseless comfort and your safety is guaranteed with the reliable construction that conforms to SETRA product quality plus the trustworthy power, efficiency and performance of Mercedes-Benz. Suffice it to say that YourTravel busses are aesthetic, robust with integrated technology to guarantees safety, in-travel comfort and enough interior space.

Our busses have wide entrance staircases for boarding comfort. They are equipped with two TVs for on-board movie entertainment, a fridge for cold soft drinks, a coffee machine and a water heater.

The busses have a kitchen located at the entrance of the rear door equipped with a coffee machine and a water heater, a toilet cabin, a large luggage compartment and an inside over-head space for hand or carry-on luggage.

YourTravel busses have adjustable seats, reclining seatbacks and side adjustment aisle seats, to maximize privacy and provide optimal comfort. YourTravel today is presenting to you our solution to the challenges of Cameroon’s intercity transportation system. Our brand is a milestone in luxury mobility! We are thus proposing a modified and enhanced version of intercity transportation system, specifically tailored to meet transport requirements in Cameroon.

YourTravel Ltd. has opted for Setra and Mercedes-Benz busses and offers to its customers a full range of products for intercity mobility.

Each Setra and Mercedes-Benz bus is a typical brand designed with technology that is a projection to the future. We are bent on respecting the legendary Mercedes-Benz maxim of quality, reliability and safety. Making a trip in YourTravel busses is like stepping into another world.

With YourTravel Green-White busses, the intercity roads appear beautiful and lively.