Mission and Value

“Our mission is to make Cameroon known for
quality intercity bus service.”

“Our core value is that we believe professional drivers and an engaged support team will go the extra mile to make sure all our passengers arrive their destination safely.”

At YourTravel, we believe that business success and development of our communities must not be attained at the cost of the environment. The Green color on our busses communicates a strong message about our environmental friendliness while the White color represents business transparency.

Background Philosophy of YourTravel Icon

The rationale behind YourTravel icon.

It’s an ever-rotating cycle representing the journey’s lifecycle. It also represents the Chinese “yin-yang” symbol; the Blue representing the traveler looking for the perfect travel solution, and the Green representing the company perpetually looking for the perfect solution for travelers – each hinting a smile at the end of each journey, as both find a balance.