YourTravel – “Better journeys, with you in mind”

“The Luxury of a plane at the price of a Bus – whenever you need it”

YourTravel works around the clock to guarantee the best possible services: extra legroom with adjustable leg positions, lots of room for your luggage, toilets for all your needs and adjustable seats for more privacy. Our goal is to provide you with a convenient value for your money. Enjoy our bus services for a safe and pleasant travel experience.


We believe you can use your time effectively when traveling between Douala-Yaounde-Douala with YourTravel. With free internet connection on board, you can invest your time during the journey surfing the internet, chatting with friends, checking emails and staying connected on social media.

Free Entertainment on Board

YourTravel is also a mobile Movie House with great films and music. Enjoy comedy and romantic films from YourTravel extensive film and music library. Our Hostess will assist you navigate the film and music library.


YourTravel provides seats having enough legroom with customized adjustable leg positioning throughout the journey for maximum comfort. Our luxurious busses are equipped with comfortable adjustable seats to maximize privacy. Reclining seats and side adjustment aisle seats provide maximum relaxation and privacy.

Toilets Toilet

No reason to be nervous. There is a functional toilet system on board all YourTravel busses for all your needs.


YourTravel busses offer enough space for your luggage. There is an overhead compartment for hand or carry-on luggage. For luggage safety, please read and remember the following points carefully.

YourTravel bus ticket includes the free transportation of:

For safety reasons, it is important that your carry-on luggage be stowed in the overhead compartment above your seat, so as not to hinder movement in the bus. Please, ensure that all your luggage bear your name and address. As a matter of fact, our friendly support teams are more than happy to help you load your luggage onto the luggage compartments.

Hand Luggage

Items of hand luggage containing personal belongings can be stowed in the compartment above or underneath your seat.

Checked-in Luggage

Any luggage stowed in the baggage compartment must meet the following criteria: Dimensions : L x W x H = 80cm x 50cm x 30cm

Prohibited Luggage on YourTravel Bus

Weight: maximum - 20kg

Lost Luggage

If you have lost your luggage, please, contact us with the following information: travel date, precise description of the item, colour, precise description of the content et cetera. Our customer service department will get in touch with you as soon as possible. YourTravel is not responsible for passengers’ hand or carry-on luggage. Passengers must keep their belongings with them throughout their journey.

Easy Boarding

You need a hard copy of your ticket indicating your seat number and your identification card to board. Your seat number is clearly visible on the lower arm of the aisle seats. Our happy hostess will assist you in identifying your chosen seat.

Send & Receive Parcels.

Sending and receiving parcels and packages through YourTravel Courier Services is very efficient. You enjoy and experience full transparency that gives you peace of mind.